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The Rickter Scale has been serving your Progressive Rock needs since September 2004. The show can take many different turns, and all kinds of musical styles are represented. I spotlight new artists, established artists with new material, interviews with your favorite bands, bands playing the current Progressive festivals, full records, unusual themes, sometimes even music a bit off the wall.

The current week's playlist is always posted a few days in advance and can be found here, on my Facebook site, and maybe in some other places. You'll always know what's coming and can plan to sample a band that has something new out or music you may have not heard, or haven't heard for a long time.

Please check out all the pages on this site, for links to my show, Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio, interviews, and more!
As of  November 15th, 2016, I am on show # 600, and I can't remember the last time I missed a week. Tune in on ! There are also well over a hundred interviews available for download, 57 of which are mine.  Below are some of the thousands of artists you may hear...