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L.A. drummer Charles Wiley sent me a really interesting collection entitled “Corn Man”. Instrumental and jazzy, it’s a cool listen. I thought I’d expand on the food theme, to play a couple of my favorite records, the quirky and fun “Short Songs About Affordable Food” by John Curtis, and XTC’s classic “Oranges and Lemons” (The latter in my top ten all-time). I’ll also throw in a few food tunes in the middle of the show.
Special Providence - Asparagus (Soul Alert - 2012) 
Charles Wiley – “Corn Man Chapter 1” (2017)
Corn On The Run
Corn Man
Charles Wiley – “Corn Man Chapter 2: Corn Inc. Cometh” (2018):
It Begins The Way It Ends
A New Day
It Ends The Way It Begins
Pink Floyd - Apples And Oranges (The First 3 Singles - 1967)
Tribal Tech - Corn Butter (X - 2012)
Black Sabbath - Cornucopia (Vol. 4 - 1972)
XTC - “Oranges & Lemons” (1989):
Garden Of Earthly Delights
The Mayor Of Simpleton
King For A Day
Here Comes President Kill Again
The Loving
Poor Skeleton Steps Out
One Of The Millions
Scarecrow People
Merely A Man
Cynical Days
Across This Antheap
Hold Me My Daddy
Pink Thing
Miniature Sun
Chalkhills And Children
John Curtis – “Short Songs About Affordable Food” (2006):
Make Mine With A Side Of Fries
Gort's Tender Spring
How Haiku Works
Pop Rocks And String Cheese
The Sunlamp's Anvil
Questions For The Real World
The Otter Pop Song
But I'm Not Lita Ford
Theme From Dogwood-Love Theme From Dogwood
Bowling Alley
Among Many Unpleasant Considerations, Carlo Has A Sudden And Disturbing Realization
Bert Mocks Me
Gluten-Free Vegan
I'm Thinking Of Writing For Pictures
Dig Myself A Hole
58 Weird Little Notes For Margaret
Do The Carpet
Big Red
Coffee And Peaches
Rosko's Rules
Rain Barrel
Wass Wass Happy Happy
Bongo Party
I Am Newton!
Another Failed Ecological Anthem Of The '70s
I'll Know Better
The End Of Summer
Seven Quick Ones
Do You Know-
Welcome To My House
The Role Of The Bagel
My Omelette
I Hate Haiku Haiku
The Concave Roommate
Stinky Lizard
The Burrito Guy

While I Was Watching You